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Action Plan
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Action Plan

Action Plan
Nellie stong kings

The Office of Black Student Achievement began as the Office of Black Male Student Achievement, and was created to specifically address the needs of the largest demographic group within MPS. OBSA represents an equitable approach to tackling the challenges that exist for the school district's Black male and female students.  To this end, the development and creation of the course, B.L.A.C.K. (Building Lives Acquiring Cultural Knowledge), was created by the office's founding director and now Associate Superintendent,  Dr. Michael Walker. The office seeks to engage students, families, teachers and community members in authentic and innovative ways. 

*Professional Development

*Authentic engagement with families and communities

*Direct Service with our Kings and Queens

*Pipeline of recent graduates to interns

The core focus of OBSA is to impact the broken beliefs that exists within the educational experience of Black students. The Office of Black Student Achievement doesn't aim to "fix" Black students. The purpose and goal of OBSA is to facilitate an environment that's responsive to Black students.