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Why Black Students?
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Why Black Students?

Why Black Students?

The Office of Black Male Student Achievement (OBMSA) was created in 2014 to specifically to address the needs of the largest demographic group within MPS. It represents an equitable approach to tackling the challenges that exist for the school district’s Black male students.

The degree to which racial disparities continue to persist in MPS is unacceptable. Native-born, Black males consistently perform at or near the bottom on nearly all performance indicators in MPS. We must focus on supporting Black male students in more aggressive and effective ways.

We must commit to having equity in this district and lead more intentionally around getting results for these specific groups. Accelerating the growth of students who are two and three years behind will require more targeted resources and support.

The office has since expanded to include working with young Black women.  More information about the program will be published soon!